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Life Sciences Company Chooses MAXLife Cloud ERP Software

May 9, 2012 - Merit Solutions is proud to announce that a Life Sciences company based in St. Louis, Missouri, has selected Microsoft Dynamics AX in the Cloud with Merit Solutions’ MAXLife Cloud software. Our client will use MAXLife Cloud to support rapid growth plans while maintaining an integrated, end-to-end ERP solution built for the Life Sciences industry.

Our client’s primary focus is to improve and preserve the long term health of individuals one patient at a time. To be successful in this regard, our client needed to utilize up to date information technology to better serve its customers. Prior to selecting MAXLife Cloud, our client was managing their business with spreadsheets and QuickBooks. Company data was located in fragmented silos of systems and machines, causing redundant manual processes and a duplication of effort. As the company developed an aggressive business model that included expansion plans, they needed systems that would improve visibility, streamline processes, and support exponential growth. For these reasons, our client began looking for a new ERP solution.

They ended up choosing Merit Solutions’ MAXLife Cloud because it is simple to use and deploy, is a comprehensive ERP solution that connects all departments with real-time information, and gives them the flexibility to grow, expand, and adapt as needed. MAXLife Cloud was the most cost-effective solution for the company because it works like and with familiar Microsoft technology they use every day. Connectivity and integration with Microsoft SharePoint and other products will enable them to maximize IT investments, minimize training, and increase user adoption. With MAXLife Cloud, our client will utilize integrated document management capabilities, enabling them to control access to business information, provide full versioning, and FDA compliance support. And by deploying MAXLife in the cloud with Merit’s Rapid On Implementation methodology, they can take advantage of lower costs, a more rapid deployment, regular updates, and secure data.

“We are very excited that our client has selected MAXLife Cloud with Dynamics AX to help drive their business growth,” said Mike AuBuchon, Director, Merit Solutions, Inc. “Our team is looking forward to helping them realize the benefits of an integrated Cloud ERP system that will improve efficiency and productivity, enable profitable growth, and support their unique document management needs. We’re confident MAXLife Cloud will be a great fit for them, and other Life Sciences companies with similar business requirements.”

MAXLife ERP can dramatically improve profitability, productivity, and product safety at even the most complex organizations. Contact Merit Solutions to learn more about MAXLife ERP.

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